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About Me

 “People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” ~ Maya Angelou


It’s everything from a carefully chosen, sparkling ring to the perfectly placed details hand made by the bride. It’s that moment she steps into her dress and the way he smiles at her when no one is looking. It’s the look on his mom’s face as she relives all the moments she gave everything to help him to this day. It’s the coming together of two families and the commitment of love and forever between two people. There are so many reasons I love wedding photography. All the inspirations I take from each mentor and each artist, whether it’s music, movies or photography, it leads me to want to capture each wedding from a deeper, more real and organic place. To truly see in one frame what brought these two people together in a world filled with so many. Why these two souls were meant to be together. THAT is what I long to see, what I love to watch and why I so passionately love being a wedding photographer.

Photography started a few years back in 2009. It grew into something so much more and something I truly sought after. This isn’t something that “fell into my lap” it was something I passionately worked for and continually seek to learn and cultivate. After having my daughter in 2013, I photographed my first solo wedding. It was an incredible day, it could have been 36 hours long and I still would have come home floating on cloud 9. Still to this day my husband calls it my “wedding high”. I love my couples so much. I not only want to capture a piece of their history, a day that will shape their lives and live in their memories and photo albums, but I want to know them. To be a part of their lives, to be their friend and so much more than their wedding photographer. It not only gives me so many amazing new experiences, but it helps me to see each of their weddings in their own unique way.

Nothing beats a camera in my hand, mountains all around me, standing knee deep in the water photographing an awesome couple. It is THE best job and something that I never take for granted. I truly am where I’m supposed to be in this role.

I am based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my husband & our two children, our English Mastiff & Bully pup. But I have traveled for weddings all over the world. I’m so excited to have been featured in The Knot, Rustic Wedding Chic, Two Bright Lights & Rocky Mountain Bride.

I might be addicted to the smell of the mountains, a hot cup of coffee, a fresh honey glazed donut (yes please!), running (offsetting the donuts 😉 ) and camping!! And like so many other’s I have a deep ingrained need to travel. In 2007 we trekked the country of Thailand, such an INCREDIBLE experience. We were married on Isla Mujeres, Mexico and go back to visit this sweet little island as much as we can.

Comfies, popcorn and a good movie with my husband are our kind of night. Our children are my heart & soul and I thank God daily for His grace & endless love in my life.

Every. Single. Day I humbly seek to learn from my mistakes, to love more and be more present.